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What is a Quiver? A quiver is a container that holds arrows. There are 3 main types of archery quiver they are back, side or bow quivers.

  • Back quivers are usually worn with a shoulder to waist strap across your body with the pouch located on your back.
  • Side quivers are usually worn on a belt around the waist on either your left or right depending on how you shoot.
  • Bow quivers are either one or two pieces that attach to the bow with screws and carry 4-6 arrows.

There are many brands, styles & colours of arrow rest available. The right one for you will depend on the type of bow you have, the type of archery you are doing and your shooting style or preference.

We carry a range of quivers, brands include but are not limited to: Bohning, Cartel, Elite, Fuse, G5, Option Archery and Selway.

Because there are so many archery products and varieties available in the market place it is difficult to carry them all. So we choose to carry a cross section that allow for quality and budget choice. If you are looking for a product that is not listed on our website please call us and we will order the product, make and/or model to meet your needs and budget.