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Elite Archery

For 2018 Elite Archery has introduced the Echelon 37 and Echelon 39 for long draw archers and target archers and well as the Victory X.  These are great target bows.  For the bowhunter in 2018 it's hard to go past the new Elite Ritual.   See our reviews on these bows.  Elite Archery has continued with the Revol, Option 6 & 7, Impulse 31 and 34, Tempo, Emerge, Impression and the ever popular Energy 35.  Elite produced some of the most accurate bows around.  The Revol is Elites flagship top of the line bow, with a shorter valley/less let off for an increase of approx. 14fps of arrow speed, IBO is rated 333fps, 7” brace in a 35” axle to axle bow.  The Option 7 has that same deep valley and solid back wall that Elite bow owners love.  IBO speed for this bow is 332fps, forgiving 7” brace in a 32” axle to axle package.  The Option 6 has the same features as the Option 7, except the brace is 6” for an IBO speed of 342fps.  Elite’s Tempo uses the impressive Impulse cams again with the solid back wall, deep valley with an IBO speed of 325fps in a 34” axle to axle bow.  All these bow feature roller cable guards.  The Emerge and Impression are Elite’s short draw (24” to 28” draw lengths) bows suitable for young adults and the ladies, with a 7” brace and just under 32” axle to axle.  Fitted with Elite’s SP cam having that same solid back wall and deep valley.  (IBO is measured at 70lbs 30” draw with a 350gn arrow, deduct 2-3fps for a 60ld bow)

I have been shooting an Elite bow since 2007, starting off with an Elite 2007 Synergy, in Target Red and another in Ninja for Bowhunting, these were great bows.  I still have the Red Synergy which gets a run every now and then, lately it’s being used at Indoor Archery.   Currently I use the Elite 2015 Synergy for Bowhunting, an Elite Answer for my night time hunting and an Energy 35 for outdoor target shooting, all great bows.